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Customer Service. The success of DFW Pipe Restoration and Plumbing is dependent upon our customers trust and we are dedicated to preserving that trust. Our Dallas plumbers are held to the highest standards of conduct and personal integrity. You can expect quality, and professional service every time when you choose DFW Pipe Restoration & Plumbing to service your Dallas area home.

Residential and Commercial Plumbing. We provide both commercial and residential plumbing service to the Dallas / Fort Worth area. In addition to our Dallas plumbing services, we specialize in diagnostic testing of plumbing systems, epoxy pipe lining of pressurized water pipes and the cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining method used to repair sewer pipes. Our epoxy pipe lining and CIPP system, allow us to restore plumbing and sewer pipes "in-place" without the destruction and digging that occurs with a conventional re-pipe.

Certified & Licensed Plumbing Experts. Whether your Dallas plumbing woes are due to root invasion in your drain pipes, pinhole leaks in copper piping, or you would simply like to install a Tankless water heater, DFW Pipe Restoration & Plumbing can help. If you require a Dallas plumber or Fort Worth plumber give us a call. All of our plumbers are licensed, background checked and drug free. We appreciate your business and look forward to hearing from you.

Dallas Water Heater Repair & Installation

DFW Pipe Restoration, LLC is one of the largest installer of water heaters in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. Call on us for installation or repair of tank or tankless water heaters. We service both residential and commercial locations offering great brands such as: Rinnai®, Takagi®, Noritz®, Rheem®, Navien®, Bradford White®. Give us a call today!

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Long Term Savings Found with Commercial Plumbing Dallas Solutions from DFW Pipe Restoration, LLC

[Posted on April 15]

Keeping a business of any kind running successfully in Dallas not only requires providing exceptional products and services. Remaining profitable also requires reducing non-essential expenses and being on the lookout for savings opportunities. With the professional commercial plumbing Dallas solutions available from DFW Pipe Restoration, LLC, businesses in Dallas will be able to enjoy long-term savings, in some cases significant long-term savings, and an improved bottom line overall.


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This Months Featured Article:

The ACE DuraFlo® System Provides Real Benefits to Dallas Homes and Businesses

As much as we try to stop it, it’s a natural law that things break down over time, but some things do break down faster than others. When it comes to a Dallas property’s drain or sewer pipes, the wear, tear, and breaks can occur much quicker than expected. But there are innovative ways other than re-piping to combat and even prevent the corrosion which occurs to pipes, thus preventing leaks and the costly repairs associated with them. The ACE DuraFlo® system is a revolutionary method in which pipes are restored in place, without any tearing up of property, providing a barrier coating which protects the pipes from future corrosion and the property-owner from costly future repairs.

Dallas area property owners including business owners have generally had to spend a significant amount of money whenever a slab leak or other problem with the drain or sewer piping was discovered. Digging up or tearing out surfaces in order to perform the re-piping was an extra headache to contend with. But with the introduction of the ACE DuraFlo® system, property owners can now save considerable cash and receive a much longer-lasting solution. The superior value found with the ACE DuraFlo® system is also due to the fact that this epoxy coating solution can be implemented ‘in place’ without the need for tearing up any walls or floors. So whether there is a slab leak or corrosion to a segment of piping within a wall, property owners will not need to fret about having the property torn up in order to restore the piping.

Dallas homeowners and business owners will save money in the long run by choosing the ACE DuraFlo® pipe restoration solution. With the protective epoxy barrier coating, small pinhole leaks will be repaired and Dallas property owners will not need to worry about spending time, energy, or money on having future leaks repaired. Such a permanent and non-invasive solution is gaining popularity not only in the Dallas Fort Worth area, but also around the country. But the reasons for this increase in popularity for homes, businesses, and institutions are clear as there are real lasting benefits to be gained with the ACE DuraFlo® system.

Whether you are currently dealing with a difficult leak or the prospect of pipe corrosion and are searching for a cost-effective, long-lasting, non-invasive pipe restoration solution, the ACE DuraFlo® system is one which does offer lasting benefits and extraordinary value. For more information regarding this epoxy pipe lining solution including answers to frequently asked questions regarding the ACE DuraFlo® system, simply continue to browse through our website. You can also have any questions answered by contacting us directly at 972-929-3300.


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Customer Testimonials

  • You have one happy customer… You honored your warranty, sent highly professional, courteous and diligent people to fix the problem.
    Thank you so much and my sincere graditude,
    -Anne W. -North Richland Hills, TX

  • Excellent…Excellent…Excellent
    Thank you for my peace of mind!
    -Maria P. -Dallas, TX

  • Very Impressed!
    It was a very organized procedure.
    -Charlie M. -Prosper, TX

  • Yes, I would recommend your service
    The two young men were the best.
    -Norma M. -Desoto, TX

  • Just wanted to express our
    appreciation to your company for
    completion of this project and
    Mark and Chris for their
    professionalism & courtesy.
    Your organization cares
    about customer satisfaction!
    -Lou J.- Richardson, TX

  • Very professional!
    Conrado & Sam make an
    excellent team.
    Very hard workers
    Excellent++ technicians
    -David O. Flower Mound, TX

  • Selling our home,
    we needed the pipes tested.
    DFW has superior equipment
    and was able to determine
    everything was ok.
    They saved us thousands!!! We are now loyal customers. -Richard I. Plano, TX


  • ACE DuraFlo® / ePIPE
  • LMK® Lateral Sewer Lining
  • Residential Free Estimate
  • Commercial Bid Required

  • Leak Locating & Isolation
  • Pressure Testing
  • Pipe Detection
  • Slab Penetration Water Leak Repair
  • Under Slab Tunneling Water Leak Repair
  • Re-Route Pex Pipe Water Leak Repair
  • Epoxy Pipe Lining / Corrosion Leak Prevention

  • Residential & Commercial
  • Water Heater Service & Repair
  • Tank & Tankless Water Heater Installations
  • Brands: Rinnai®, Takagi®, Noritz®, Rheem®, Navien®, Bradford White®
  • Faucet & Fixture Replacements

  • Video Inspections (w/DVD)
  • Video Inspection w/Tape
  • General Static Testing
  • Static Leak Isolation Testing
  • Smoke Test
  • Line Location & Detection
  • Drain Cleaning (Cable)
  • US Jetting® Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning
  • Slab Penetration Sewer Repair
  • Under Slab Tunneling Sewer Repair
  • Sewer Liners / Cast in Place Pipe Lining

  • Residential & Commercial
  • General Plumbing Repair
  • Gas Leak Testing & Repair
  • Med Gas Leak Testing & Repair
  • Preferred Customer Program & Discounts

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Proud Member of Chamber of Commerce, Irving TX

Proud Member of the Chamber of Commerce Irving, TX



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